Wednesday, 18 January 2017


This book has been out for a long time but I just got around to reading "The Art of Happiness" which was written by H. Cutler from his long interviews with the Dalai Lama. The author attempts to minimise the East to West culture shock in the principles he learned from the Dalai Lama and he mostly did succeed in applying them to our Western ways. It is a very interesting read for anyone whether happy or unhappy. The Dalai Lama is humbling and makes you take a hard look at your own life and behaviour just from his deep humanity and endless compassion. I try to live by this but a reminder often helps: Perspective is everything!
Today I would like to share with you one thing I learned from reading this book - the distinction between happiness and pleasure. It seems rather obvious but do we really pay attention to this on a daily basis? According to him, people sometimes confuse happiness with pleasure. When pleasure will only bring you short-term joy, happiness is everlasting. Once you completely understand this statement, you realise it makes perfect sense and it is worth facing life dilemmas with the simple question "will it bring me happiness?".

Saturday, 27 August 2016


Does it work? What does it feel like? Here is the report of my juice cleanse experience.

juice cleanse detox

I had been wanting to do it for an awfully long time. I drink juices on a daily basis as it is so it wasn't a big stretch for me to step into the process of a cleanse. The goal of this for me was more about the experience and for my stomach to recover. When I did mine, I was coming out of nearly two months struggling with a strong exotic virus which had needed even stronger antibiotics to kill it, twice. Yay! Life in the tropics! As we know, antibiotics destroy everything bad when you're sick but also everything good along with it. Hence the juice cleanse after a few days of nice meals (don't jump into a cleanse when you're really weakened already). I didn't plan to do much during the cleanse days to save my energy as I heard you could feel tired.
For those who are curious, I wrote my experience day by day. Especially the first time, I believe it is better to use a company as they know what they are doing and schedule an appropriate menu for you. Ultimately, for me, it also came down cheaper than if I had to buy all those ingredients myself just for these three days.

juice cleanse detox

I was extremely excited about the cleanse. I love drinking juices in general and I was about to get to drink new and different flavors all day long. Everything tasted so good! I drank the different juices at the preset intervals and never really felt hungry. Yes, there might have been a little tinge in the stomach but I did not need to eat and it was easy to resist if I listened to my body. My stomach felt good.
My head was another story. I had cravings. When the character on the series I was watching started eating pizza it nearly killed me. I am usually a healthy eater but who can resist pizza uh? It's actually weird that it was a greasy food I craved. It is what it is. I just drank another juice and the craving receded a little. The first day was therefore successful!

I woke up feeling great. My stomach wasn't bloated and was as flat as ever. As the previous day, I did feel like eating but it wasn't too hard to control the urge. Again, the brain was more needy than the body and drinking a hydrator juice in between kept my stomach quiet. My greatest struggle was to try and convince my brain that my first meal after the cleanse would not be a pizza! Yes, that idea had stuck through the night...

This time I woke up hungry. My stomach was gurgling but I still felt good. The excitement was pretty much gone but my motivation remained so it was clear to me that I would still make it through the day. It was falling asleep that was hard. I just kept thinking about food and feeling empty despite the litres of juice I had drunk. This was the moment where I reached my limit and felt truly challenged. I don't know if I could have gone on much longer but in the morning I felt ok again, just tired from falling asleep so late. 

juice cleanse detox

Would I do it again? Eventually. Although I am happy with the experience, I did miss eating. I may actually consider including it in my diet more often as a one day cleanse now and then. 

Overall, I liked:
+ how my stomach felt
+ tasting new juices

The things I disliked:
+ visiting the bathroom like 40 times per day
+ not cooking and not eating (I do love my food)

If you would like to do one too but are unsure, I would refer you to this article which Andy from Style Scrapbook posted about when she did her cleanse (I just stole the link!). And there are plenty more to read out there.

Friday, 5 August 2016


Almost 10 years after I first got into blogging, here I am again. Back then, I was already interested in fashion and sharing this passion with others across the web. I don't know if anyone would remember my old blog nowadays besides the ones who  also knew me in real life (The Flonicles) or the people I met briefly (Zanita). The name doesn't matter much as I erased it back then. My life changed. I finished university and went to Australia where I kept it going while living in Sydney. However, when I started exploring the country, being the laughing stock of other travellers by carrying a 25+ kilos backpack, I quickly realised I had to chose between the fashion blogger and the free spirit wandering from one adventure to the other. And so I chose the life on the road and I can now say I have:

+ been way too close to the deadly Komodo dragons in Indonesia
+ dived with sharks and manta rays in some of the world's best locations
+ jumped out of a pink airplane with a pink parachute (pure coincidence!)
+ lived on phinisi schooners and crossed Indonesian Seas
+ done a bungy jump and canyon swing in New Zealand
+ almost died falling over a cliff in the Philippines (watch where you walk!)
+ survived the volcanic eruption of Sangeang in Indonesia
+ managed my shopaholic behaviour (I hope! Let's test it!)

But I'm coming back baby! I missed you all. We don't know each other but this is a community of people drawn together by the same passion and it feels like home. I don't know where this new blogging adventure will take me this time but I hope you spend some of the journey with me. Let's get to know each other again! Drop me a comment :)

So expect some looks, some travel photos once in a while, some food if it's a special occasion, and some positive posts because everyone needs a mood booster once in a while!